Monday, January 21, 2013

Batman Forever 1995 Eng DVDScr (x264) Torrent Download

Batman Forever torrent
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Batman Forever (1995)

Year: 1995 Genre: Action,Crime,Fantasy Director: Joel Schumacher Starring: Val Kilmer,Tommy Lee Jones,Jim Carrey Storyline Two-Face and the Riddler: The Dark Knight of Gotham City duo ruins. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face incorrectly assume Batman courtroom accident left him disfigured on one side, and terror for the people of Gotham. Edward Nygma, computer-genius and former employees of billionaire Bruce Wayne to get the philanthropist; Riddler, he perfects a device into the brain Gotham, including Bruce Wayne's knowledge of his other identity plum. Batman / Wayne / Dr. Chase Merida view of love. Former circus acrobat Dick Grayson, his family killed, Two-Face, Waynes ward and batman new partner Robin boy wonder at. Author: Ed Stephan

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